# Media Gallery

This field allows adding multiple attachments from the Media. The returned data contains an array of the Attachment IDs.

The Media Gallery supports sorting via drag and drop and the selected attachments' metadata can be edited inline.

Field::make( 'media_gallery', 'crb_media_gallery', __( 'Media Gallery' ) )

# Config methods

# set_type( $mime_type )

Set the allowed file type as a string or an array of types. Short mime types are also supported (audio, video, image).
Any mime in the list of acceptable file extensions for upload to the WordPress Media can be used. You can read more here (opens new window).

Field::make( 'media_gallery', 'crb_media_gallery', __( 'Media Gallery' ) )
    ->set_type( array( 'image', 'video' ) )

# set_duplicates_allowed( $allow )

Parameter Type Default Value Description
$allow Boolean true A boolean indicating whether duplicates are allowed

If enabled, will allow the same item to be selected more than once. By default, duplicates are allowed.

Field::make( 'media_gallery', 'crb_media_gallery', __( 'Media Gallery' ) )
    ->set_duplicates_allowed( false )
Last Updated: 7/21/2021, 12:26:41 PM