# Checkbox

The checkbox field create a single tick-able option with a label next to it.

Field::make( 'checkbox', 'crb_show_content', __( 'Show Content' ) )
    ->set_option_value( 'yes' )

# Config methods

# set_option_value( $value )

Set the value that will be saved when the option is ticked.

!> When unticked, an empty value is stored in the database.

Field::make( 'checkbox', 'crb_show_content', 'Show content' )
    ->set_option_value( 'yes' )

!> Use a boolean value when referencing a checkbox field in set_conditional_logic()

Field::make( 'checkbox', 'crb_show_content', 'Show content' ),
Field::make( 'rich_text', 'crb_content', 'Content' )
     ->set_conditional_logic( array(
				'field' => 'crb_show_content',
				'value' => true,
    ) ),
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